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Written By:Donovyn Bookman

Store: Agenda

Location: Houston,Texas Galleria

Website: AGENDA Owner:Ken

When looking for the exclusive drip, you typically don’t look to go to the Galleria. You go to sites such as Goat or Stock X and wait months for your item to come in. Located in the Galleria in Houston, Texas, Agenda has you covered.

With looks that the hottest rappers and athletes wear worldwide, they have it all. Owned by Ken, he and his staff take it upon themselves to take care of everyone that stops by.

Building his business strictly from the ground up, Ken and his company are making lots of noise throughout the city, looking to supply the people of Houston with looks that will turn heads Agenda does just that.

No other store in the Galleria offers both an extensive collection of kicks and clothes that people all over the world dream of owning.

Putting on for the city people from all over the world come to Agenda to shop. Low key but yet has so much to offer. Agenda definitely deserves more notoriety. Competing with all types of stores in the Galleria Ken makes being a black CEO look effortless. Built from the ground up, its nothing better than staying down and making your dream come true. With big-time rappers such as Stunna 4 Vegas, Sauce Walka, and Don Toliver coming in to cop the hottest clothes out right now. Agenda asserts pressure day in and day out. Whatever you need, they got you covered.

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