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Black Owned Coffee Shop In Downtown Houston

Written By: Donovyn Bookman

Business Name:Day 6 Coffee Co.

Address: 910 Prairie St. Houston,Texas

Business Instagram: Day6coffee

Business Website:

Owners: Ian and R.J.

A creative wonderland is what Day 6 coffee is to me. Quiet, ducked off, and very welcoming is what makes this coffee shop so unique and different from all the others. Started by two brothers Ian and R.J. Wilson, this isn't just any typical coffee shop. It's a place you can call home. With Ian being the baker and R.J. wanting to support his brother, they both devised a plan to get their business together. Ian states, "At first business was really slow we started to get some publicity, and it has been great ever since I think the support from everybody has been great. Being a black business owner downtown is special." With artwork located throughout the shop, you feel what being around a creator's habitat is like. With people hosting pop-up shops and even having jazz nights, this is a spot where you can go and converse while simply enjoying great food and building memorable times with your friends while absorbing all the positive energy throughout the room. This shop is most definitely a staple in the city and a place I would highly recommend you stop by.

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