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Blessings Music.Flowers.Plants.Design

Written By: Donovyn Bookman

Address: 1625 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas


What's our world without plants, music, and creativity. I believe there is no better way for people to express themselves and reflect on things they enjoy without art. Whether it be through flower arrangements, making music, or creating timeless pieces, a world without art is like a blank canvas waiting to be drawn upon.

Ran by the community known as "Friends of Blessings." Blessings is a place where you can simply relax and lose yourself in their range of music from all eras, or enjoy the plants that will comfort you as you rationalize within yourself as to why you should adopt one of your own.

Being a business that focuses solely on the betterment of the community/society, there is no other place like it. Ran by those with the eagerness to keep building and teaching the community the importance of unionization and taking care of each other is essential in these challenging times when it comes to the progression of our people. With all the bad going on, it's rare you find a place that's wants nothing more than to simply teach and show what our community can be.

Focused on the well being of each other, there is truly no place like it.

Walking into a place full of positive vibes is hard to come by nowadays as we constantly battle against the things that we as people face in our everyday lives. However, Blessings is a place that, when found, can be used for good.

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