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Gold Standard Farms- A company focused on getting the most out the cannabis industry and our people

Written By: Donovyn Bookman



As our generation gradually develops and times continue to change, people are coming to realize and accept the benefits of THC and all it has to offer, not only medically but economically. Generation after generation, this plant continues to develop and revolutionize society as we see it.

Being a family-owned farm founded by Fred Polk and Eller Wease 80 years ago. Gold Standard Farms is a premium boutique Hemp Farm located in Martin, Tennessee, that focuses solely on producing premium Hemp products and has committed themselves to help people of minority learn the importance of agriculture and all it has to offer. Through their platform, they aim to empower minorities on how to build a business and maintain and reinvent it over different periods. Owned by Jarrel Howard ( CEO/Founder), Al Harrington (Strategic Partner/Former NBA Player), Thomas Mouton (Partner), and Carson Owens (Partner), Gold Standard Farms is more so a family than it is a business.

Looking to maximize growth and the unionization of our people, businesses such as Gold Standard farms are very much necessary in today's society. Helping develop our people mentally and guiding them through breaking down that barrier that prevents us from bringing out our true entrepreneurial spirit. They have committed themselves to help propel people's dreams into reality through agriculture and hemp cultivation. Through the help of this family, you will see how America does our people.

Looking to capitalize on this plant, they plan to build a farm specializing in hemp to get the full potential of the hemp plant as a whole. In return, their farm will be the largest African-American-owned hemp operation in the United States. The "HEMP" campus, which stands for Healthy Economic Momentum Push, is a hemp cultivation campus that will supply many people with job opportunities, and a chance to see and learn firsthand how farming/agriculture as a whole works. Made with a purpose much deeper beyond the surface Gold Standard Farms will continue to flourish and empower our people one step at a time.

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