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Immortal EA

Written By: Donovyn Bookman

Photographer: Evin Armstrong

Instagram: Imrtlea

Photos are far more than memories being shot at first sight. For Evin, it is a way for him to express his creativity and illuminate his city around him, and show others what the world is like through his eyes. Building up the confidence of others through his creativity pushes him to wanna perfect his craft, and he truly enjoys seeing other people happy through something that he was able to add his type of artistic flair to. Growing up in Houston, Texas, he believes his surroundings around him helped shape who he is today. Surrounded by cars as a child, he instantly fell in love with them and the rising sensation they give when gliding smoothly through the streets, and through his photographs, he shows that. Being around a city full of unique people with so much to offer, it's easy to see why Evin utilizes his skill to enlighten others—pinpointing and emphasizing landscapes and the people around him. Evins photos give him a voice. With the ability to do videos, photos, and graphic designs, Evin holds the complete skillset to get whatever you throw his way done.

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