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The Houston Museum of Corey Relentless

Written By:Donovyn Bookman

Artist Instagram:CoreyRelentless

Address:8405 Almeda Genoa Suite F


From the pain of the needle to the finished masterpiece. There is no better feeling than seeing that tattoo you've always envisioned yourself getting come to life. Tattoo artist Corey Relentless is one of those guys, with a vision to look beyond and the artistic craftsmanship to freehand draw all of his designs when it comes to tattooing in his hometown of Houston, Texas, Corey is the most predominant.

Growing up with struggles throughout life, Corey looked at art as his way out, and that is when his business Relentless Tattoos came into the notion. Tattooing in his House and various Motels to now owning a property, Corey has done it all. When asked how he kept going even through adversity and hardships, he says, "If you're made for it, you'll get exactly what you want out of it." Now on to bigger and better things, he is constantly making noise throughout the city for tats he went absolutely insane on, but despite all of the recognition and limelight. Corey remains humble through it all; he says, "Just having a purpose of waking up and doing something that puts smiles on people's faces is a blessing in itself."

Focusing on his craft as an artist. What makes Corey standout from the rest is how authentic he is. When it comes to building relationships with his clients, he always manages to keep that positive vibe throughout the room and all through the tattoo session, and that alone will help maintain and get you through the process of getting inked up.

Corey is the prime example of what beating the odds looks like, gradually developing his skill and growing spiritually as a person every day. Corey and his business continue to flourish. Going by appointment only, you can best believe that when Corey gives you the Relentless special, it will be nothing short of amazing.

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