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Loren Fizer - Artist, illustrator, Visual Artist, and Animator

Written By: Donovyn Bookman



When the energy is pure from an artist who creates new life through their drawings, their pieces become more than illustrations. It's a way of expressing who they are and the emotions that they may feel at times but don't know how to say in words.

Loren Fizer is one of those guys. Using art to his advantage, Loren draws the things that inspire, stand out, or appeals to his emotion at the given moment. Born in Houston, Texas, Loren looked to drawing at a very young age growing up. Traveling from place to place with his family was always something he had no control over but just had to deal with. Therefore, he used art to bring together the things he loved and added his own type of unique style to it.

Taking inspiration from the artist who illustrated the Marvel comic books as a child, he always admired their use of pop colors and ways of portraying superheroes throughout the books. Using color as his main attribute, Loren's portraits are top tier and will forever be an eye-catcher once you invest in one of his pieces. Talented and yet so overlooked is why I feel Loren Fizer needed to be included on VibeWithTheReal. Through his portraits, you will get a unique piece and the opportunity to hold forever a portion of his legacy that continues to grow as his career progresses.

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