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Writer: Donovyn Bookman

CEO:Jordyn Turner


A space for creators to create without being criticized and laughed about for their work is hard to come by nowadays. With a world full of cold-hearted people who love to take advantage of young creators/artist, NEOS is a platform where people can go to show off their latest creation or find someone that may need their services for a particular project they have in mind. With the ability to collaborate and network, this app allows people with all skill sets to show off their work while being in a system full of like-minded people.

Started by Jordyn Turner, NEOS is an app that allows people to find and utilize creators who fit the specific need they are looking for, whether it be for projects or to offer them a potential job on their team. This app has the potential to change creator's lives for the better. Needing a specified amount of $25,000, they have started a Kickstarter focused on getting the amount of money necessary to upstart their dream app. With a team full of young, hungry developers, this app could be the next big thing for creators worldwide.

With a purpose-based upon giving artists and creators the extra spotlight/empowerment they need. How could you not want to pitch in and see what the future holds for this bright young team.

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