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Ryan Knew and "The Groove" Fashion Show Experience

Written By:Donovyn Bookman


Designer Instagram:

Houston's fashion identity is growing daily as fashion designers strive to perfect their ideas for clothing. Ryan Knew, a young fashion designer based out of Houston, Texas, is proving to be one of the city's most promising creators as he displayed an array of carefully designed attire stemming from his brand "Ryan Knew" upcoming collection.

He welcomed us into his fashion world of "Knew York City" last week and I must admit the room was full of good energy and positive vibes as you could see smiles and high-level attire worn everywhere you looked. There was young photographers, fashion designers, stylist, and entrepreneurs in a room where networking seemed inevitable as we all could benefit from the use of one another.

Showcasing looks that were crafted to perfection and stitched with sharp detail, you can most definitely notice a Ryan Knew piece no matter where you are. Being featured on today's biggest stars, such as Lil Baby, Mulatto, and Pnb Rock, it's safe to say Ryan is trailblazing a path of his own in these Houston streets.

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