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Sarah Godfrey- An Artist Who Draws With A Purpose

Written by:Donovyn Bookman

Artist Instagram:SarahGodfrey_art

One's art is to be made to educate and allow others to see that a message much more profound than you think maybe hidden in plain sight. Sarah Godfrey is that artist.

Using her art as a way to express herself and her beliefs when it comes to certain things in life is what makes her pieces worth more than any amount of money offered to her.

Drawing something with substance behind it and allowing others to learn through her masterpieces is what she cares about most. Being a teacher and an artist is two things she prides herself on simply because she gets the opportunity to give our future generations a new life to embark upon. She is opening their eyes to the things that they may not realize may benefit or hurt them in the future. Based out of Houston, Tx, Sarah's love for art and learning motivates her to keep drawing and allows others to understand that when faced with certain things in life. It's ok to be yourself.

Humble and yet so talented, I believe it's only a matter of time before Sarah cements her legacy throughout the art industry/world. Allowing others the opportunity to learn something new through art is something that cannot be taken away, and will forever hold value in this world for not only us as adults, but our younger generations who look up and take heed to the things we do as role models.

Being in the position to create and teach through something you love is something most people wish they could do, and Sarah has taken it upon herself to keep our people "WOKE".

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