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TrustedKicks Houston

Written By: Donovyn Bookman

Location: 1844 Westheimer Rd Houston, Texas 77019

Store: TrustedKicks

Instagram: TrustedKicksHouston


A "reseller's dream" is the exact words I would use to describe TrustedKicks. Filled with some of the rarest heat there is to date when looking for that next come up on that particular Supreme or Bape collab or just wanting to expand your closet of kicks overall, TrustedKicks has you covered. Located in the area of Montrose, there is no way you would want not to visit a place like this whether you're looking for clothes, shoes, or exclusive accessories. The dynamic of this store is like no other. Initially based in Milwaukee, they have graced us fellow Houstonians with a place where we can talk sneakers, music, and whatever else is on your mind. With a staff full of the most down-to-earth, open-minded individuals, the energy you receive once there is like no other. Unlike most resell/consignment shops, TrustedKicks also takes a special liking to the ladies, having them covered with kicks they too can rock. So when in the area and looking for that one piece that can set your whole outfit apart from the rest, stop by TrustedKicks, and trust they will get you right.

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